Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Any day now.....

Any day now I will be able to release more details. For now I will tell you that this person is female, and someone whom I admire greatly. I started taking classes with her around 9 years ago and I have taken every class I could with her ever since. I know that some of you have already figured it out but my lips are sealed for a little while longer.
Oh this is big, this is so big........ I am soooo excited.
Any day now.........


  1. can I sign up now???!!!
    You've sold me!

  2. For sure I know then. I want to sign up too please. GRIN

  3. soon, soon. must be patient, although I am bursting with excitement.

  4. Does being an employee give me an IN on who it might be.......?

    How about a favourite employee....???