Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Vagabond!!!!!

I can't help but drool over this machine. It is just sooooo beautiful, and fun!! oh yeah it's very functional too, ooohhh but's it's soooooo nice. I have 6 on order , 1 for me and 5 more for those of you who feel the way I do for this machine.
In all seriousness though, it is an electric die cutiing machine that will cut and emboss through so many different products, obviously grungeboard and grungepaper being to of the favorites.


  1. Wow. I cann't wait to see what it can do in person. :)

  2. uh ... it looks like a suitcase
    ... and the cost is ....?

  3. That's what's wonderful about it! it's so TIM!
    The cost will be approx $250-$275.

  4. Pretty neat system. I bet it will be a hit.

    BTW - LOVE the new look for the blog!!