Friday, February 6, 2015

toile "explore the possibilities" canvas

Bon vendredi à tous!

Voici une toute petite toile de 5" X 7" sur laquelle j'ai fait quelques expériences avec les nouvelles peintures Radiant Gels de ColourArte. Elles sont du même fabriquant que les Silks et sont assorties à leurs couleurs. La texture est différente, plus épaisse et idéale pour éponger, peinturer, utiliser avec un pochoir et même estampiller! Je vous laisse regarder la vidéo-clip pour de plus amples explications!

Here's a cute little canvas I used to test out the new Radiant Gels dimensional paints. They are yummy and creamy and perfectly match the colors of the Silks given that they are manufactured by the same company, ColourArte. You can apply the paint with either a sponge, a paintbrush or a palette knife and however thick you want it to be. The paint will retain its shape once dry. Which makes it great for stenciling and even stamping! You can watch the video below for my findings as well as a full list of supplies I used to create the project.

Happy painting!


  1. I love watching your videos!!! I also love the Balzer geometric design stencil but I cannot find the na,e of it and wonder if it is a new release. Would love to know, thanks!!

  2. Paige, the full list of supplies is always listed at the beginning of all our videos so you can refer to that in the future. the name of the stencil is Mini Patterns and it's #TCW539s. thank you for your comment!

  3. Ha ha, I looked so hard at the end and when you used it!!! Even your talk through at the end. Gotcha and I do thank you so much!!!