Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hi from hot and humid Florida.

Well I just spent the day in a pre show and I got to see a lot of fun stuff.
My Mind's eye has given me samples, what great lines these are. I saw Reminisce and some of their lines are so cool. The safari line has textured animal papers that are really neat. There are 2 halloween lines and 2 Christmas lines and then their autumn bliss line has the cutest little animals.
Fancy Pants rocks as usual. American crafts has a huge great line, but I haven't seen it up close yet.
Making Memories has a beautiful Christmas Line and their glitter embellishments are sooooo nice. They also re-did the slice. It's now pink(for breast cancer), 50% faster and their new design cards have 2400-3500 images per card and you can do mirror and shadow images. We hope to demo this at our demo bar very soon.
Sei has 3 great new lines which will be available soon. Crafter's workshop has some real awesome templates for doodling and making your own backgrounds. These work well with glimmer mist, chalks, uniballs, inks, etc.......
Well there is still more work to do and much more to see so I will continue to keep you posted on our progress.


  1. Hot and humid ???? Here it's cold and humid!!!
    Can't wait to see everything in your store!!!
    Have a good time!

  2. Hey Nathalie!
    Do you need me to come down there and carry all the good stuff back!?
    Hope you guys are having a great time. The store is holding its own while you are away!
    Did you say, MY Minds Eye and SAMPLES in the same sentence.....
    See you soon,