Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sondage - Journée nationale du collimage / National Scrapbooking Day Survey

english to follow --

Nous sommes à planifier nos évènements de 2012 et aimerions connaître votre opinion sur la Journée nationale du collimage.   Et comme nous cherchons continuellement à nous améliorer, nous aimerions avoir votre opinion sur cette journée, C'est pourquoi nous vous demandons de bien vouloir nous aider à mieux planifier en répondant au sondage ci-bas. Nous vous remercions à l'avance de votre coopération. Natalie ne manque jamais de gâter son monde.  Chaque journée inclus:

  • la collation du matin avec café
  • le lunch
  • la collation en après-midi (légumes et sucreries)
  • le souper avec buffet italien
  • le dessert (fruits et buiscuits)
  • les breuvages durant toute la journée
  • "make and take" et/ou  démonstration
  • un sac-cadeau rempli de produits d'une valeur de plus de 100$
  • jeux, prix et plus encore!
Nous vous remercions encore une fois de votre collaboration. Le sondage est ouvert jusqu'au 31 octobre.

We're planning our 2012 calendar and one of the events is the National Scrapbooking Day weekend. We're always looking for ways to accommodate and please our attendees. After all, it's all about you! The best way to do so is to hear from our readers and customers. Please take a  few minutes to answer the survey questions above; this will help us greatly! Below is a list of all that is included in the event fees:
  • a light morning snack and coffee
  • lunch
  • afternoon snacks (veggies and sweets)
  • Italian buffet dinner
  • dessert (fruits and cookies)
  • beverages all day
  • make 'n take and/or demo
  • LARGE goody bag (over $100 retail value)
  • games, prizes and sooooooo much more
We will keep you appraised of the results of our poll. Survey is opened until October 31st. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer this survey!


  1. Please don't cancel the NSC crop. I NEED this in my very empty boring life!!!! :)

    Julie Mitchell

  2. I realize this isn't a popular comment, but I would rather pay less and be responsable for my own meals. I don't enjoy the italian food at all.

  3. I look forward, to NSC crop. I know a few people, who only attend it. I also like , the fact there is sales too.

  4. i love NSD, because its an awesome time to be surrounded with people who share the same passion for scrapbooking and scrapbook shopping like me. i love the market, and the goodies. food is always great, but if its a way to cut down the price, then its ok. i mean eating out will make the cost more in the end.

  5. Je ne peux pas voir les questions, pourquoi?

  6. I second Julie's comment too ! Don't cancel MY day!