Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mardi machin-truc: technique "résiste" inversée au PanPastel sur Pastelbord * PanPastel Reversed Resist technique on Pastelbord

Bon mardi à tous!

Aujourd'hui, je travaille sur une surface inconnue pour moi: le Pastelbord. Le Pastelbord est une plaque de bois recouverte d'argile et enduite d'une substance de poussière de marbre. Évidemment, le Pastelbord est excellent pour le pastel, comme le PanPastel, mais également pour les peintures acryliques (si la demande y est, je pourrais démontrer avec les peintures...). Bref, un surface très unique... et j'adooooore!

In today's tutorial, I am working on a different surface for me: the Pastelbord is a wooden piece covered in clay and sealed with an even coat of marble dust. Of course, it is ideal for pastels such as PanPastel, but offers a fantastic substrate for acrylic paints (which might be the object of a future video... you never know!). I have enjoyed working with it and I hope you'll try it too!

You can click on the photos to see them full size. Enjoy! CeeCee


  1. This is gorgeous, love how you used colour on this piece. I need to get my hands on that Pastelbord so I can play with my Panpastels. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

    1. Thanks so much, Sue! Yes, you do need the PanPastels. They are so pigmented and they barely make any dust. Thanks for your comment. CC

  2. Stunning sweetie I so need me some panpastels x

  3. Love your picture.must get some pastelboard. Also love that you write in French and English. Helps me with my French