Saturday, July 28, 2012

Washi Tape

Hello Scrapbook Centrale Fans!  JJ, Claude, and Erin here - hijacking the blog one more time before handing it back over to Cee Cee. Today we wanted to talk about Washi tape.

Oh my - you should see all the great designs of washi tape in the store right now - and rumour has it that Natalie has ordered up a storm of new designs from CHA.   It's easy to use on pages, cards, and projects. Here are just a few simple ideas on how you can use it. 

Claude used pieces of washi tape to create borders at the top and bottom of her page - a simple way to 'frame in' your layout:

 "It Makes it Better Somehow..." - Claude Campeau

Erin used washi tape to enhance a design element on her page - check out that sun:  most of the rays are washi tape.  (The 'grass' at the bottom is also made from tape)

"Good iMorning" - Erin Morehouse

JJ used strips of washi tape to 'matte' her photo, and in place of patterned paper:

"Nap Time?" - JJ Sobey

Washi tape is also a quick way to cover chipboard shapes:

So, since it's so hard to resist buying a few rolls, what will you create with it next?

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