Saturday, March 3, 2012

Talentueuse lectrice * Talented Reader

Bon samedi!

Saviez-vous que vous pouvez afficher vos projets sur notre gallerie. Tout récemment, notre amie Josée a affiché 2 photos de ses belles créations qu'elle a réalisées en s'inspirant de notre vidéo tutoriel de mardi dernier. Cliquez sur les vignettes ci-bas pour voir les photos en format grandeur réelle. Elles sont superbes, Josée!


Did you know that you can share your creations on our gallery by clicking here? Our friend Josée has recently created 2 gorgeous cards using a technique outlined in last Tuesday Tutorial's video. You can click on the thumbnails to view the full size photos from our gallery.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Ah vous faites ma journée,merci SC!!!

  2. CeeCee
    Please tell me how to download my card from last week's tutorial. I tried but I can't see how to do it??

    1. Francine, you have to be a registered member to be able to upload. But everyone can register. Here's the procedure:
      - go to our blog page and click on "gallerie/gallery" in the navigation bar underneath our banner.
      - once you're in the gallerie, click on "login" from the menu bar
      - to the right of "your user name" 's box, there is an option to register - just click on it and follow the procedure.
      - once you're registered and logged in, you'll see an option "upload photos"

      Good luck and let me know if you have any problems.